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Encounter Festival Artist Series: Cacophany Arkestra

24 January 2024

Encounter Festival returned for another year in September 2023, with dancing, musical performances, acrobatics and so much more.

Encounter Festival allows the city of Preston to celebrate a diverse range of cultures and talents.

One of the many acts which demonstrated their extraordinary artistry was Cacophany Arkestra, a band known for their exciting performances of Jazz-tinged Soca, Morricone-isms and Afro-beat.

Cynthia, a percussionist, and vocalist for Cacophany Arkestra since 2017, performed with the group at Encounter Festival 2023.

Reflecting on her experience at Encounter Festival, Cynthia commented on the community feel of the event and how much she loved the Torchlight Procession.

Cynthia remarks: "It's a festival for the whole community. It was a good crowd and very family orientated."

Two men in outfits made from lots of colourful ribbons playing a mobile drum set and a saxophone as they walk down a street procession

A love of art and music brought the members of Cacophany Arkestra together, and their desire to tell a story through their costumes and performances helps them to innovate and be original.

"Besides the costumes being all colourful, big and shiny and lively, happy music, there is always a meaning, a theme, a story to tell," Cynthia says.

Performing with Cacophany Arkestra is a way for Cynthia to connect with and celebrate her heritage. The costumes worn by members are called 'Sensay' and originate from the Caribbean, specifically her dad's homeland in Dominica.

A band of musicians wearing outfits of many brightly coloured ribbons walks down a street as a procession

Encounter Festival allows the community to engage with the arts and with different cultures.

As Cynthia put it: "Preston is a big melting pot, and we should celebrate everyone's culture with music, dance, food and art."

Cynthia is looking forward to continuing to perform with Cacophany Arkestra at events throughout 2024, including this year's Encounter Festival.

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