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Encounter Festival Artist Series: Swati Dance Company

15 March 2024

Encounter Festival 2023 saw the return of the spectacular Swati Dance Company, a Bharatanatyam dance group based in Northwest England, led by Artistic Director Swati Raut.

Swati led a dance workshop at The MET (Mobile Event Tent) on Saturday 16 September, opening the floor up to beginners and experienced dancers alike. Members of the Swati Dance Academy then staged a performance, bringing traditional and creative South Asian dance to the people of Preston.

We spoke to Swati about her experience at Encounter Festival over the years.

When asked about her most memorable experience, Swati remarked:

'Performing Basant Bells outside the Bus Station in the absolute freezing temperatures, and the audiences still stopping to watch, even in the wet weather!'

Her dance academy students really enjoyed performing for the Encounter Festival crowds in 2023:

'Members of Swati Dance Academy performed at Encounter 2023, it was very well organised and the parents were very happy for their children to perform. All the youngsters enjoyed performing for the people of Preston.'

Encounter Festival offers a platform for a diverse range of artforms, allowing the community to engage with the arts and with different cultures.

Swati thinks that people should attend Encounter Festival as:

'They get to see local artists, young talent and can offer support to art forms that need to be seen.'

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