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Looking back at Sunday 19 September

A look back at the Picnic in the Park from Sunday 19 September 2021.

Thank you to Preston Photographic Society who provided the pictures of the event.

Professor Clive Chandler's World Famous Punch and Judy Show

Professor Clive Chandler's treat us to the age-old knock-about drama presented with particular wit and wisdom, much mirth and mayhem and more than a nod the modern day.

Featuring Judy, the baby, the sausages, the crocodile, the policeman, the devil, and of course old Mr Punch up to his usual tricks!

The Allotment and Vegetable Nannies

The Vegetable Nannies invited us into their Allotment for a bit of gardening and childcare. They loved nothing more than proudly showing off their allotment cherubs.

People of Winckley Square helped the vegetable nannies feed and comfort all manner of earthen toddlers, such as Barbara the downhill-racing watermelon, Jessica, the Sweet-Potato beauty queen and David, the talented little Marrow whose ambition is to become a stage actor. 

Fisher and His Wife

Winckley Square listened to this traditional story from the fairy tale collection of the Brothers Grimm has a sudden rebirth and renewed relevance in the present day.

The story was told from a box, mounted at the front of a penny farthing bicycle and kept both children and adults entertained.

The Allotment Make and Take Workshop

The 'make and take' workshop allowed families to make their own fruit or vegetable baby character to take home, just like the ones in the Plunge Boom show The Vegetable Nannies. 

Once made, children filled in the baby's birth certificate, before being ceremoniously registered as a 'Junior Vegetable Nanny' and awarded their official identity lanyard to wear straight away and take home along with their very own fruit or vegetable Baby!

Harriet, Harry and The Pirates

The final show of the weekend was this Pirate show which created some big belly laughs on Winckley Square.

Death By Pie delivered a swashbuckling, family adventure filled with live, original music, audience interaction and slapstick comedy.